Do you Remember?

Did you see Your Vintage Life’s ‘Do you Remember’ posts on Facebook this week?  In today’s blog we bring them all together for a massive nostalgic memory fest! Who remembers climbing frames looking like this? Unbelievable really…health and safety wasn’t a worry then and as kids we loved it!  You remembered them in playgrounds and at […]

fisher price cover

We Love…Fisher Price

Hands up who played with Fisher Price toys when they were younger in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s..infact, our children play with them today. They have designed some real vintage classic which are not only collectible, but as we have such great memories of them we still buy them for our children to play with […]

fisher price 70s

Do You Remember?

Hands up who had Fisher Price toys when you were younger? Well we had the record player, the chatterphone, the garage and the airport. Our kids have a whole load more! Remember the zoo, the snoopy dog, the Jack in the Box? Or as a baby-  the cot activity centre, the Happy Apple or a […]

toys 2

Child’s Play

This week we have bought some great vintage/retro children’s toys. We, at Your Vintage Life absolutely LOVE old toys and our poor children are continually bought them. Thankfully for us, we have a vintage business where we also sell these toys, so our children’s playroom does have some floor space visible (just)! Here are the highlights of […]

Didn’t we do well, again

We had a great Christmas here at Your Vintage Life. And now it’s the clear up after 3 days of children mayhem! Before all the pressies get put away I thought I’d share some of the vintage ones (i.e. the best ones!). Firstly the kids. Boy did santa bring a lot of toys….and clothes..and biscuits! […]

Play Away!

Hot on the heels of our first room to be finished in our renovation project (as written about in our blog: Fabulous Fifi) we have this week completed our second room! Our first result was calm and relaxing and…ours! The second is the playroom. We decided some time ago to give up the stand alone dining room….handing […]

Play The Vintage Way!

To celebrate the launch of our new shop category: Your Vintage Playroom, we wanted to share with you our latest magazine article. Your Vintage Life writes for the fabulous publication with a similar name: Vintage Life Nostalgia magazine. “Play the Vintage way” is an inspiration piece to give ideas on how to create a vintage nursery or playroom. […]

Your Vintage Playroom

Your Vintage Life will be launching a new shop category this week to coincide with our latest article in Vintage Life Nostalgia magazine. It is called “Play the Vintage way” and gives you some inspiring ideas on how to create a vintage nursery or playroom. Your Vintage Playroom has 6 sub categories: Nursery, Toys, Books, Storage, […]

Didn’t we do well?

Today’s job is to pack Christmas away, but before I do….here’s some of the vintage lovelies we received. For him…some more Taunton Vale to add to the collection. His love of orange means our kitchen is filled with bright, zesty retro treasures….from 70s Tupperware storage, to 60s CathrineHolm enamel cookware, to funky orange Taunton Vale […]