Georgian jewellery 2

A Guide to Antique Jewellery

‘Vintage’ is a cover all term used to describe jewellery from many different eras. This is mainly for jewellery from the 1940s onwards, however for the avid admirer of all things antique, here’s a quick guide to jewellery styles from the 1700s all the way through to war-ravaged 1914. Georgian Georgian jewellery hails from the […]

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A big announcement and introducing Club YVL

Those of you who follow us on social sites will have heard we are closing down our online shop. This is due to our other businesses growing so much which has meant we havent had the time to source and sell, to the level we would want to. So at the end of this year […]

Fornasetti eBay wallpaper upcycled furniture styling tips via Your Vintage Life by Kate Beavis

Vintage Styling Tips: Fornasetti

Piero Fornasetti was a Milanese painter, sculptor, interior decorator, engraver of books and a creator of more than 11,000 products. In terms of variety of decoration, Fornasetti’s production of objects and furniture is one of the largest of the 20th century and he is celebrated as being among the most original creative talents of the […]

Freddies of Pinewood vintage style jeans featured by Your Vintage Life by Kate Beavis

Me and My Freddies

Back in the 1940s and 50s, Americans knew how to wear jeans. To be fair they probably still do, but at a time when we were still living through austerity, the US wore their jeans with style. They wore them high, the wore them turned up, they wore them dark and they wore them wide. […]

vintage garden furniture on Your Vintage Life by Kate Beavis

Style your vintage garden

In the busy modern world, it’s appealing to think that your garden can be a peaceful place to escape to, a place that takes you back in time and away from the abruptness of day-to-day life. Creating a vintage garden is something anyone can do, even if they only have a small space to work […]

Storage wardrobe closet 4 - Your Vintage Life styling blog

Vintage Styling Tips: Clothes storage for a vintage fan

Ever since we saw Carrie Bradshaw’s amazing closet in her New York apartment in Sex and the City, we have dreamed of creating the perfect vintage girls closet.  Eclectic yet stylish, fun yet practical, and so feminine.  Just look at it, its amazing! source So how do you create a wardrobe you love?  Wardrobe solutions come in lots […]


Monsoon: Vintage Style

I have to admit that I love Monsoon. I worked for them throughout the 90s and have recently rediscovered  them due to spending more time at St Pancras station due to my consultancy work. I love their boho style which is something I am embracing more and more as I find myself mixing modern and vintage […]

Planet Sputnik Homestyle Your Vintage Life

We Love…Planet Sputnik Homestyle

Over the last year so many people have asked me if I live in the stunning home featured on the front of my book, “Style Your Modern Vintage Home“. I can reveal that alas it is not mine, but belongs to Sarah from Planet Sputnik. She has created a wonderful 1950s home in North London […]

wall of terracotta pots Small space Garden ideas via

Vintage Styling Tips: Small space gardens

In todays blog we look at what can be achieved in a small space garden.  Just because you don’t have a lot of space it doesn’t mean it can’t look amazing.  For a vintage lover there are many ways to create a unique look with clever use of the space you have using upcycling, repurposing and vertical gardening […]

Your Vintage Life visits the Cornershop art pop up 10

A visit to The Cornershop, Bethnall Green

Do you remember the days when there was a small corner shop on the corner of every street?  Last week we at Your Vintage Life took a trip to Bethnal Green to visit The Cornershop – the fantastic art project by Sew Your Soul, the brainchild of artist Lucy Sparrow which celebrates these Aladdin’s caves of times gone by.  […]

vintage atomic ball letter rack

We Love…Molecular Shapes

“The Festival of Britain in 1951 wasn’t just about great design, it was also about science. Displays in the Dome of Discovery revealed for the first time molecular structures explaining our universe and this was seen by millions. The science behind what would be achieved in the next decade in turn inspired our interiors in […]


Get The Look: Front Doors

The front door is the focal point of your home’s façade and primary entrance into your house and life. Dressed with the correct choice of door furniture with an appealing traditional door knob, knocker and letterbox it can provide a welcoming and appealing entryway into your home. source When making improvements to their homes, people […]


Vintage Styling Tips: Glamping

‘Glamping’ is camping…but glamorous.  Sounds pretty perfect!  If you follow our Instagram or Twitter you will know the other week Mr & Mrs YVL and their family went off by camper van to the Isle of Wight and as you can imagine it was a very stylish and vintage affair!  In todays blog we look […]


Vintage styling Tips: Teak

Teak.  If you love retro design its a pretty good bet you’ve got some in your vintage loving home.  We at Your Vintage Life adore teak…we love its warm colour, versatility and how many beautiful designs were created in it in the 1950’s and 60’s.  So its one thing to have a teak sideboard but […]


Vintage styling Tips: Beds for Dreaming…

To quote Dorothy Parker – “Daily dawns another day; I must up, to make my way. Though I dress and drink and eat, Move my fingers and my feet, Learn a little, here and there, Weep and laugh and sweat and swear, Hear a song, or watch a stage, Leave some words upon a page, Claim […]

vintage 30s 20s cocktail glasses

We Love: 1920s Barware

“Prohibition in America from 1920 to 1933 dictated a ban on the commercial sale of alcohol. This drove bars and clubs underground with all night dancing and of course drinking. In an age of decadence and celebration, the art deco design influenced barware with its geometric lines, mirrored accents and love of glamour. Cocktails were […]

pink vintage pearls

Everything’s Rosy

Today it is our little girl’s 4th birthday. It appears she has only been bought pink things…not an issue as she loves it all but it has been a bit of a pink overload. (Let’s campaign for alternative colours please!) So to celebrate the colour pink here are our favourite things available on Etsy right now, so […]

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